Monday, October 16, 2017

Let's Get Quilting - 6 pc bundle of Linen Closet by Janet Nesbitt of One Sister Designs

"Linen Closet" is a basic here at Henry Glass & Co., Inc. because this is one of those collections that you SIMPLY MUST HAVE in your stash. Everyone needs a neutral now and then, and this collection from Janet Rae Nesbitt is the one to get. "Linen Closet" is in stores now and will be for the near future. Make sure you stop in and get yours, or sign up for a chance at this weeks giveaway to win a 6- pc bundle.

Let's Get Quilting - 6-pc bundle of Linen Closet by Janet Rae Nesbitt of One Sister Designs

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Henry Glass Designer Kim Diehl launches a new book and we launch a new giveaway!

It's Autumn! What better season than to fall in love (again) with the talents of Kim Diehl than her favorite season! And to give fans of Kim Diehl a little gift from her heart is the launch of her 11th book, "Simple Harvest." All the fabrics in the book are from Henry Glass.

You can enter to win a book and a bundle on that blog, and you can enter to win here too, by posting your heartfelt comments for Kim Diehl's talents on this blog. 

Here are some gorgeous scenes from her book "Simple Harvest."


Monday, October 9, 2017

Let's Get Quilting - Romance 7 pc bundle by Color Principle

Fall is the season of romance if you ask me. Days are perfect temperatures. Nights are cool and crisp. Long walks are called for because the scenery is so grand. So here is the Romance collection giveaway this week, to go along with the mood. 

The Romance Collection by Color Principle ships in November, but one lucky winner will get this    7-pc bundle early! Will it be you? 

Here is the full collection of Romance by Color Principle

Friday, October 6, 2017

Meet October's Desire to Inspire Challenger - Barbara Esposito

Meet the October Challenger for the Hop To It collection by Shelly Comiskey, Barbara Esposito

Barbara Esposito lives in southwestern Connecticut - and is currently waiting for the beautiful New England colors to emerge. What a place to be this time of year. 

And lucky Barbara gets to put her head in the game for Easter season as she gets to work with this cute bunny fabric this month. 

Also lucky, because she is the first consumer to have this fabric! 

Everyone else? Get ready to hop out and get yours in November, as that is when it will ship into a quilt shop near you. 

HOP TO IT by Shelly Comiskey ships in November

Free Sewing Machine Contest from Scott Fortunoff, president of Studioe Fabrics and The Blank Quilting Corp

In early September, Scott Fortunoff wrote the following blog about helping people who had been disadvantaged by the hurricanes, fires or who simply don't have a sewing machine. He has since gone on to give away SEVERAL free sewing machines. We want to share this blog with you, in case you didn't see it, and if you know of someone who does not have a sewing machine, send them over to comment on Scott's blog on the website. 

Here is a link to the blog which is the ONLY place where you can ask for a FREE sewing machine. Make your request in the comments box on this blog post: 

Or click that link to read the original post from Scott.


Good morning!   How are you today? I hope you are withstanding all the crazy storm madness which has thankfully slowed down a bit it seems. This too shall pass, so hang in tight and don't forget to breathe.  Can you hear me alright? Okay then, let's get this contest going.


 People keep asking me what I am doing about helping those in Texas, Florida and surrounding areas who have been adversely affected by the storms. That is a great question that I too keep asking myself and I think I have finally found the answer. Yeah, I could make donations as I have already done. I could send blankets and food which I have already done too. But most anyone could do those sort of things. But you know me, I like to beat to my own drum and do my own thing. With that, I am going to go out on a limb and try something, well.....unique. Call me crazy, but here goes.

As I mentioned in a very recent blog post, I was going to give away the sewing machines that my good friend Joanne Hubbard donated. By the way, Joanne is my BlogFF (BFF). I digress. So yeah, the sewing machines. Aside from offering the machines from Joanne, Brewer is generously donating a machine for the giveaway from their Eversewn brand. But that just isn't enough for me.  You know what I am saying? That would be around 5 machines and I want to do more....way more. Why the heck not? People are suffering and I want to do what I can to ease the pain, even if it is just a little bit and helps to put a smile on someone's face. I am sure you are wondering what am I going to do. So let me tell you already and stop blabbing away.


 I called my new friend Philipp Ueltschi, the Brand Manager of Sewing Machines at Brewer (his brand is EverSewn), and he kindly agreed to sell me machines at a special discounted price for my self proclaimed great cause. These are machines that retail for $200-$400. After I give away the 5 or so machines that I already have, I am going to start giving away BRAND NEW machines on a weekly basis for an indefinite time period. Yes, you are hearing me correctly. Now hear this one more time! I am going to buy machines, a lot of machines, and give them away for F---R----E----EEEEEE to people that lost their machine in the storms, never could afford to buy their own machine in the first place or a young person that wants to learn how to sew. I am open to other reasons as to why someone should earn a new machine. One more time, let's say it together because it sounds soooo freaking good. Free. I can't hear you. You can do better than that. One more time. FREEEEEEEEEE. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Now you got it!
For starters, I am seeking requests from people in Texas, Florida and surrounding areas who have been adversely affected by the storms. I would like the pleas to be short and to the point. Maybe 200-250 words maximum as to why I should gift you a machine. I unfortunately don't have time to read a novel so keep it tight. Or, you can even send me a photo with a caption that you think demonstrates why you OR SOMEONE ELSE should earn a free machine. Please enter all pleas into the comments section of this blog post. If you could figure out how to attach a picture to the blog, please do so. If not, email me the photo in some form with the caption. The top pleas will be selected by me and I will reach out to that person to confirm all the details and make sure all pleas are offense of course, but the scams are endless these days. By the way, this is not a scam, joke or trick. Make sure to include your city, state and email address so I can contact you for other info.  This contest is for people in the US only.  Make sure to be careful to enter all the info into the computer correctly because if your email address is wrong by even a single letter....NO SOUP FOR YOU! (Seinfeld Reference)


In addition to the free machines, I will be sure to include some other goodies.....maybe some fabric, maybe some notions, maybe some batting, it will be a surprise, but it will be "beast" as my son likes to call it and that is a good thing no doubt. With that, let the requests start flowing in. And yes, please have fun when submitting your requests. Send any and all questions to, but please don't drive me crazy because I do have a regular full time job and it isn't President Of Giving Free Sewing Machines Away if you know what I mean. No phone calls. You will be sure to know through our social media venues and my blog who the winners are as I announce them. Please know that this is my contest and I make the rules and all the final decisions. That's just how it needs to be.  I am also giving myself permission to post details of all requests and pleas so if something is very private or you don't want your name used, please make sure to let me know.


 Good luck! Please make sure to share this with anyone you know who might be eligible to win especially in Texas, Florida and surrounding areas.  The last thing I want to say is that I can't wait to see the faces of the winners when they find out that they are getting a new machine from me. That to me is priceless. Therefore, if you happen to be a winner, make sure to post a picture of your smiley face and your new sewing machine on any or all of my company's (Studioe Fabrics, The Blank Quilting Corp. or Henry Glass Fabrics) Facebook, Instagram or other social media arenas.
Free Sewing Machine Scott 
 1024 words (did the best I could)

Monday, October 2, 2017

Let's Get Quilting - 6 pc. bundle of Berries & Blossoms by Janet Nesbitt of One Sister Designs

Janet Rae Nesbitt of One Sister Designs has been VERY busy. We have been announcing the arrival of her upcoming book called "Crazy Crooked House" on October 20 on social media. We want to make sure you have seen our Instagram page, so one of the ways to enter this contest is to visit the Henry Glass Instagram page. 

This collection’s prints have a sweet essence, as warm and inviting as a berry cobbler on a cool spring day.You will be drawn in for hours of quilting pleasure. The designs in the collection are layered tones colored in different hues and values that seem to float across the fabric. There are 19 pieces in the collection complemented by a six piece selection of coordinating yarn dyes. Be sure to take a look at One Sister’s Linen Closet Basics that coordinate perfectly with Berries & Blossoms.

And this month her Berries & Blossoms collection ships into quilt shops!

Let's Get Quilting - 6 pc. Berries and Blossoms bundle designed by Janet Rae Nesbitt of One Sister Designs.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

September Desire to Inspire Challenger, Mona Phelps makes this Rhyming collection sing!

Meet Mona Phelps, the challenger who took on our September Desire to Inspire Challenge.


Mona had less than a month, since as you recall, Labor Day weekend took up the first few days. So she put in a race to the finish line for completing the September challenge. 

This month the featured fabrics were from Delphine Cubitt's Bed Time Rhymes collection which has started shipping to quilt shops in September. 

Mona Phelps

Hear from Mona:

I live in Versailles, a small town in central Kentucky (pronounced "Ver-Sales"). It's a lovely area with gorgeous horse farms. I was born and raised here and love the small-town feel. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 25 years and we have 2 children - both of whom are taking a year off from school: my daughter before going to grad school and my son before going to college. We also have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a turtle. We like to take the dogs for walks, watch movies, volunteer at church, and just hanging out with each other.
Mona received the fabrics! 

My quilting journey... when I was young (maybe 10 or 12), I hand quilted a pillow cover. I then proceeded to stuff the pillow so tightly that you couldn't see the quilting. I was very disappointed. Fast forward 30-ish years to last fall... I started sewing to make items for a craft fair. I made key fobs and lip balm key rings. After the craft fair, my interest in sewing different types of items grew - baby bibs and spit-up cloths, pillow cases, scarves, and more. As I searched the internet for easy patterns for beginners, I came across a quilt design using a jelly roll. I decided to give it a try - and was hooked!

Panel Quilt

Through this process, I realized how therapeutic sewing could be. The thought of taking a stack of fabric, cutting it apart, putting it back together, and making something completely different than what it was originally amazes me. The process is a sanity-saver.

Gift bags!

I searched the internet and watched a lot of videos to learn how to quilt. The church where I work has a prayer shawl ministry. I made my first quilt for them. Since that point, I have made 6 completed quilts and several other quilt tops. I've used that information to make handbags, totes, pouches, and much more.


I follow several quilters on instagram (where I get most of my inspiration) and tend toward more modern quilting than traditional quilt design. I have started a blog at to share both my family's and my creative side. My instagram ( is where I share most of my creations, though.

Pot holder 

Thank you to Henry Glass & Co. for the opportunity to play with some of your fabrics. One things I really like about this line is that even though the fabrics are geared toward children, you can create items that are for all ages.

Key Fob

Showing off the cute backside

Please comment on this blog post to show Mona how much you appreciate her work in this challenge! 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Desire to Inspire - Call for October challenger with Hop To It by Shelly Comiskey

Feel like hopping down the bunny trail this fall? We are looking for a challenger for our monthly Desire to Inspire feature. You will get all the fabric shown here to make whatever your bunny heart desires, and at the end of October you simply send us the pictures of your projects to post on this blog. 
You get to keep all your projects! 

Are you ready to make something great with this adorable fabric during the month of October? Let us know!  

1. Put your name and some of your past project pictures in an email to 

2. We will select a lucky winner and send you the fabrics shown above.  

3. You make something AWESOME during the month of October, 
and send us pictures and your story.

4. WE post it. YOU keep it.

We would like to have challengers show us they can meet the challenge, so please send a picture or two of projects you have completed or tell us things you have done. Give us SOMETHING so we can rest assured you can do this!!! Even great ideas count! Please do your best to stand out, and you will have a great chance of being selected

This adorable collection by Shelly Comiskey of Simply Shelly Designs is scheduled for delivery to quilt shops in November. Here is a picture of the full collection: 

Monday, September 25, 2017

Let's Get Quilting - 6 pc Plain & Simple bundle by Color Principle

Color Principle has done it again with a collection that is suitable for framing or sewing. 

The collection is based around this beautiful panel print that is the heart of the grouping, this image is at home as a home-decor image or as the center of a beautiful quilt. The panel is not included in the giveaway bundle but 6 of the coordinating prints are included. 

You can search out the Plain & Simple Collection in November when it reaches a quilt shop near you, or you can put your name in the hat by commenting below to win this giveaway. 


Here is the whole collection.. and here is a link to see it on our website.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Let's Get Quilting - 7 pc. bundle of Twilight Garden by Mary Jane Carey of Holly Hill Quilt Designs

This week's bundle is a 7-pc. selection from among the collection of Twilight Garden by Mary Jane Carey of Holly Hill Quilt Designs. Mary Jane's styling is often of the romantic bent, but in this collection she taps into the gentle romance with those of us who happen to love purple. Partnered in this collection with soft blues and creams it seems like the perfect dream of a perfect quilt. 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Let's Get Quilting - 6 pc. bundle of "Good Sports" collection by Marie Cole.

"Good Sports" by Marie Cole has a great message for kids, be a good sport in all you do, which is the theme in this super cute collection. Here you will find cute little monkeys that play a variety of sports. This collection also has a fabric book where the story of good sportsmanship is shared.

Here is the whole collection:

Friday, September 8, 2017

Meet the September Desire to Inspire Challenger - Mona Phelps

September's Challenger

Meet this month's challenger for Desire to Inspire with Bed Time Rhymes by Delphine Cubitt.

Her name is Mona Phelps from Versailles, Kentucky.
She has really just jumped into quilting recently after a life time of loving crafts of all kinds. She also has a blog over at:

We wish Mona the best success for the month, and we can't wait to see what she comes up with for her projects at the end of September!

Mona Phelps
Her package of fabric arrives!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Let's Get Quilting -8 pc bundle of Let's Build by Nidhi Wadhwa

Let's Build is a great collection for busy young minds who are excited to see the tools of trade and how they work. This is a picture of the full collection of Let's Build by Nidhi Wadhwa.

The collection also features a panel of heavy equipment machines as friendly characters who build!

Use the entry form below to get points toward your entry. The more entries, the better chances to win!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Our August Desire to Inspire Challenger, Pat Carter, Met the Challenge!

The Challenge was accepted by Pat Carter of Alpine, WY. 

Here is her story.

I am Pat Carter, and I live on No-Name Mountain in Alpine, WY, a small town nestled between the Wyoming and Salt River Ranges in northwest Wyoming.  We are located south of Jackson Hole, WY, at the southern end of the scenic Snake River Canyon. 
Fabric Arrives!
Grand Teton National Park (40 miles) and Yellowstone National Park (90 miles) add another dimension to the many outdoor activities of this area:  snowmobiling, skiing, fishing and lake recreation on Palisades Reservoir, ATV, mountain biking, hiking, hunting, etc. Wildlife abound in this area--from Petunia the Skunk to elk/deer/moose and bear.  All of the trees we have planted on our lot have been creatively pruned by the deer who call our lot their favorite dining-out spot.  The annual snowfall in this area can exceed 500 inches.  

My husband and I are retired teachers and are year-round residents.  We love it in the summer when all the snowbirds return, but we also love the winter months when the town loses its summer folks and our mountain becomes a winter wonderland.  The snow drifts straight down, and the trees shed extra snow weight in mini avalanches.  Then the sawdust flies in my husband's shop, and several of the beautiful wood turnings find their way down to my quilting studio!   
Two Children's Aprons
Adult Apron

My mother and grandmother were quilters; they spent many winter hours hand quilting on a frame my father made and set up in our farm house.  

Full table setting with table runner, placemats, napkins and fabric bowls
4 placemats and napkins... all lined!
I learned to embroider, crochet, and sew as a young girl, but did not make my first quilt until several years later when my high school was closed for asbestos removal in 1989.  We went to a split session, sharing space in the other high school.  I spent those free mornings taking a quilting class--and a new love was born!  This new hobby led to the purchase of a longarm quilting machine and another aspect of the quilting avocation.  I became involved in making quilts of valor, a project dear to my heart;      I would often combine machine embroidery with piecing.  My personal quilts gravitate toward traditional patterns, with a twist (i.e., a basket within a basket, machine embroidery in a center block of a log cabin, etc.).  I have incorporated Sally Fields' shoes (machine embroidery found at BFC Creations) in 4 quilts--her shoes have such creativity and detail!  I'm currently trying to reduce my stash, some of which is 15+ years old--and I'm using those favorites that I have just "petted" fondly throughout the years.  Does anyone else have fabrics that are so pretty that you have not cut into them?!  My bucket list of "quilts to make" grows longer each time I visit Pinterest!

Some of my favorite fabrics have been from the Henry Glass collections.  I used a Henry Glass fabric book panel named "Why" to make a quilt for our grandson, and liked it so much that I made a second baby quilt!  (You can see the "Why" quilt on my blog:

Table runner, basket liner and fabric bowl
And then I was notified on August 1 that I had been selected to complete the August Desire to Inspire Challenge--thank you Henry Glass Fabrics!  What fun!  I anxiously awaited the arrival of the fabric which landed on my porch on August 8 (we are a little out of the way!).  Since the Country Cuisine fabric featured strawberries, my thoughts turned to kitchen projects.  I kept adding items to my "want to make" list, but finally ran out of time.  So, here is the fabric collection I received:  

Backside of Table runner

The table runners, placemats, aprons, fabric baskets, and basket liner were all lined. 
What a fun project this has been!  The Country Cuisine collection by Isabelle Biche lends an air of spring to any kitchen, reminiscent of soft breezes, fragrant flowers, lush green grass.