Monday, August 21, 2017

Let's Get Quilting - A Kim Diehl Prize Pack Blowout!!

Summer just got a little bit better!  Here is an AWESOME prize pack for this week's Let's Get Quilting. I don't know, maybe because it's vacation season and we are just plain slap-happy in the office, but here is what we have for you... Kim Diehl's Simple Christmas Tidings book (signed by Kim Diehl herself) AND this great big huge Abundant Blessings bundle. The Abundant Blessings collections is what is used throughout the book, so if you are lucky enough to win this Prize Pack you can stay making projects from this book right away!

Let's Get Quilting - Summer Blowout with Kim Diehl Prize Pack

Monday, August 7, 2017

Desire to Inspire Challenger for August - Meet Pat Carter!

Meet Pat Carter from Alpine, WY. She lives in what she calls God's Wonderland, which is south of Yellowstone National Park. She loves piecing, applique and embroidery.

We can't wait to see what she does with her August project with Country Cuisine.

You can sew along too! These fabrics are available in your local quilt shop! 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Meet Stacy West, the high-energy maven behind Buttermilk Basin and Henry Glass Fabrics’ new collection “Spirit of America.”


Meeting Stacy West in person is NOTHING like the slow-paced laid-back style of her folk art designs.

The patterns of her company, Buttermilk Basins, evoke a quality of days gone by, where life was at its finest when you had time to set on the front porch and stitch away at a project that seemed like it was just part of your lap for the better part of a month.

Meeting Stacy feels like you are on a rocket ship headed to the moon! Put your seatbelt on because it’s going to be a wild ride. The energy of Stacy is palpable as she commands presence with her graceful yet wielding power. I first met her at her Buttermilk Basin booth at the Spring Quilt Market in St. Louis. It was an incredible booth packed to the brim with ideas, projects, inspiration, themes, and people. This is very much how I might picture the inner workings of her brain.

And what a cute name Buttermilk Basin is too! The name came from how inspired Stacy has been by the life of her Grandmother. Her Grandmother lived to almost 101, and grew up in the era where she hauled water, got milk from cows, and she always had buttermilk in the fridge, hence the name Buttermilk Basin. 

Stacy has come from humble beginnings and worked her way to being a respected designer in numerous mediums.  She is an artist at heart and is not afraid to step out of the box to try new things.  She has designed rubber stamps, licensed her designs in the gift industry, designed logos, and identity systems for various shops in the past utilizing her education in graphic design. 

Henry Glass Fabrics has chosen Stacy and Buttermilk Basin to create a new line called “Spirit of America.”  Stacy has taken this design opportunity to marry cotton, yarn-dyed dobbies and wool together in a cohesive collection of quilt shops to carry that will enhance and the many projects that Buttermilk Basin already has to offer.

One of the first things I noticed about Stacy was the size of her online audiences. 20,000 on Facebook, 5,400 on Instagram and a pretty impressive number of followers on YouTube. Stacy is quick to speak of her audience as her friends. Stacy says, “I teach a lot of classes, travel to a lot of shows, and I meet a lot of people who have genuinely become friends of Buttermilk Basin.”  Stacy is a self-described chatty gal, and over the course of 15 years since her business began, she has chatted with a lot of ‘friends’ who are now dedicated followers. And she rewards them too! Every month on her media platform she has giveaways, introduces new products and has a Mystery Block of the Month with a free pattern download that builds to create an awesome project by year’s end.

Stacy also has a strong personal drive.  She does not believe in failures... only learning lessons!  She is inspired and most importantly, has a work-ethic that keeps her moving from task-to-task leading the charge in all facets of her business; design, manufacturing, sales, marketing and operations. 

Buttermilk Basin is both an online and a brick and mortar business. In her 2,200 sq. ft. shop she hosts workshops, events and offers a variety of mediums including wool, cotton, yarn dyes, fibers, patterns and kits to her customers. She also brings in women from around the country (and as far away as Australia) to her WOOLSTOCK event which is a bi-yearly 3-day event held at the shop.   She is the only teacher that teaches two days of workshops, one day of make-it take-its along with a trunk show and the event culminates in an evening party.

So, yes, Stacy is a kind of a big deal! In 2015, she made it to the top 3 in Martha Stewart’s American Made challenge. You will see Stacy featured in various magazines including Simply Vintage, Quilt Mania, Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest Publications, The Wool Street Journal, Primitive Quilts and American Patchwork & Quilting.

Here is the October issue of American Patchwork & Quilting where Stacy is featured:
American Patchwork & Quilting® magazine. ©2017 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.

It is tough to keep up with Stacy in conversation and in life as she is always running from one creative project to another, but here is how you can keep up with her online:  

Instagram:  Buttermilk Basin
Facebook:  Buttermilk Basin

Monday, July 31, 2017

Let's Get Quilting - a 16 pc. Vintage bundle by Mary Beth Baker! Who doesn't have time for wine?

Wine time! Or is it whine time? Either way, you can cry if you want to, but this beautiful 16 pc bundle can be yours in this week's giveaway. Come like us on Facebook, comment on this blog, or give us a visit over at @HenryGlassCo on Instagram. Wherever you happen to be, LIKE us, SHARE us, and this bundle could be YOURS this week.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Looking for a Challenger in our August "Desire to Inspire" with Isabelle Biche's Country Cuisine collection

Here is the August Desire to Inspire Challenge! You will get these 6 pieces from this French country kitchen collection called Country Cuisine by Isabelle Biche.

We want you to put your name in the hat for this month's challenge!  Just email If you have put your name in before, PLEASE do so again! This might be your lucky turn. 

PLEASE REPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! We will pick someone on Tuesday, August 1 2017.  

This is how it goes: 

1. Put your name and some of your project pictures in 
an email to 

2. We will select a lucky winner and send you the fabrics shown above.  

3. You make something AWESOME during the month of August, 
and send us pictures and your story.

6. WE post it. 

7. YOU keep it. 

We would like to have challengers show us they can meet the challenge, so please send a picture or two of projects you have completed or tell us things you have done. Give us SOMETHING so we can rest assured you can do this!!!  Even great ideas count! Please do your best to stand out, and you will have a great chance of being selected. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Desire to Inspire - See what July's Challenger, Lynn Bankowski, has done with Woodland Retreat flannel!

This is the bio for Lynn Bankowski:

Thank you Henry Glass Company, for the opportunity to participate in your Desire-to-Inspire Challenge. The fabrics are wonderful!

They felt like velvet when I opened the box. My home is Huntsville, Alabama, in the northeast corner of the state. We are in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. Huntsville is called the “Rocket City,” because it is home to the Marshall Space Flight Center where Werner von Braun and his team designed and built the Saturn V rocket used to send man to the moon. The U.S. Army’s Redstone Arsenal, U.S. Space  &  Rocket Center, and Space Camp are also located here.We have all four seasons in North Alabama, although Summer seems to last for six months!

Lynn Bankowski

We are retired and have time to enjoy the grandchildren’s ball games, swim meets, concerts,
etc. We were tent campers when our children were younger, so I can identify with Jan Beach
Shade’s camping theme. We were warm weather campers, however!

I began quilting 12 years ago when a friend asked me to participate with her in a block-of-the month
program at Patches and Stitches, a local quilt shop. I got hooked, and she no longer

I prefer traditional quilts, usually scrappy. I like to use pre-cuts, but not exclusively. My
local guilds, Heritage Quilters of Huntsville and Madison Station Quilters, have several
members who excel in modern quilt design, construction and quilting. Their work is
encouraging me to branch out.

In addition to Patches and Stitches, we have Huntsville Sew & Vac, Threaded Needle Too, 3
Hens and A Chick (Athens, AL) and Hooked on Quilting (Fayetteville, TN) quilt shops in the
area. All the shops are very friendly and helpful to the novice and experienced quilter alike.

Woodland Retreat Quilt (Front)

Woodland Retreat Quilt (Back) 

Woodland Retreat - Quilt Tag Close-up

Woodland Retreat Quilting Close-up

Another View of the Front

Another View of the Back

Woodland Retreat Cozy Corner

Woodland Retreat Pillow

Monday, July 24, 2017

Let's Get Quilting - Penguin Parade by Nidhi Wadhwa

Nidhi Wadhwa is one of the designers for Henry Glass that has had gang busters response from quilt shops everywhere. Her fresh new approach to novelty designs has met a gender neutral audience of both young and old. These cute penguins follow that same approach and you can see why her designs are such a favorite!

Enter to win this 7-pc. Penguin Parade bundle this week. The bundle includes that panel print.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Let's Get Quilting - Country Cuisine 9 pc bundle from Isabelle Biche

Country Cuisine Collection is a bright sunshine kitchen fabric line. It was designed by Isabelle Biche who is well-known in the traditional embroidery segment of our creative world. She lives close to the Switzerland border and travels frequently across Europe and the USA for shows. She started designing quilts in 2002, and became a fabric designer for Henry Glass in 2016.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Meet July's Challenger for Desire to Inspire - Lynn Bankowski

Meet our July Challenger, Lynn Bankowski. She is a trooper because the 4th of July delayed her fabric getting out the door. We can't wait to see what she can do with less than a month! Good Luck Lynn! 

Here is Lynn Bankowski from Hunstville, Alabama!

Let's Get Quilting - Frightful and Delightful 7 pc. bundle

Get ready for Halloween with this 7 pc bundle of fabric from the Frightful and Delightful collection by First Blush Studios. This spooky little collection is just the perfect kind of fun to use for a quick Halloween Project. Here's one: a Halloween tote free project using this line!

Just click on the picture for the .pdf of the instructions

Friday, June 30, 2017

Looking for a Challenger for July's Desire to Inspire - is it you??

Are you ready for flannels in July? Turn up the air-conditioner and bring on the sun! Sew something beautiful with this Woodland Retreat collection by Jan Shade Beach. 

Would you like to have this beautiful batch of fabrics to make some fabulous projects for this month's Desire to Inspire Challenge? 

We want you to put your name in the hat for this month's challenge!  Just email If you have put your name in before, PLEASE do so again! This might be your lucky turn. 

PLEASE REPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! We will pick someone on Wednesday July 5, 2017.  

This is how it goes: 

1. Put your name and some of your project pictures in 
an email to 

2. We will select a lucky winner and send you the fabrics shown above.  

3. You make something AWESOME during the month of July, 
and send us pictures and your story.

6. WE post it. 

7. YOU keep it. 

We would like to have challengers show us they can meet the challenge, so please send a picture or two projects you have completed or tell us things you have done. Give us SOMETHING so we can rest assured you can do this!!!  Even great ideas count! Please do your best to stand out, and you will have a great chance of being selected. 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Desire to Inspire - June Challenger Diane Kazar Loves "I Still Love Snow"

Hi all!  My name is Diane Kazar and I live in Monroe (Central Jersey) New Jersey. It's a nice suburban town smack in the middle of New Jersey (or Exit 9 off the NJtpke).  I grew up here, married here, raised my two, now grown, kids here, and am still here with my husband and two dogs instead of kids.  It's a great place if you like a little of EVERYTHING, cities, beaches, historic sites and farmlands all within easy reach.  
As a young child, I can remember standing on a stool in the kitchen where my mom and grandma would pin paper to me.  Curious enough about it, I taught myself how to use my mom's sewing machine and making things for my dolls or costumes for myself at Halloween.  When I had kids, I was given my own sewing machine and it's been a great sewing journey for me ever since!  I've learned so much and met great people along the way. Especially my BFF Linda, who truly gave me this gift, 20 years ago, that only now I realize was a true inspiration. My sincere thank you Linda.   

Thank you, Henry Glass, for giving me this opportunity.  I truly had fun with your beautiful flannel fabric.  I simply loved them and decided a large comfy couch quilt would be perfect, especially for my ta
ll husband.  

Leave a comment below and give Diane Kazar some appreciation for a job well done! 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Let's Get Quilting - Fangtastic 8 pc. bundle

"Fangtastic" features fun and whimsical Halloween motifs in bright colors with glow in the dark accents. There is a vampire on his way to visit a haunted mansion and the other patterns featured in this collection are black cats, bats, grave stones, dancing skeletons, spiders, pumpkins, a large stripe and dots all containing touches of glow in the dark. Perfect for all of your fun Halloween projects. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Heather Mulder Peterson's Big Splash Schoolhouse

Heather Mulder Peterson held a schoolhouse at the recent Quilt Market where she featured her recent books and the new collection with Henry Glass called "Big Splash."  Here is the schoolhouse video so you can follow along!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Let's Get Quilting - Vintage, a wine lover's dream collection of 16 pcs!

Vintage - a wine lover's dream collection by designer Mary Beth Baker. This collection will ship to quilt shops in August.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Meet the June Desire to Inspire Challenger - Diane Kazar

First, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who put their hat in the ring to be part of the Desire to Inspire Challenge for June. We had a record number of entries, so we really thank you very much! 

Second, it was hard to choose, so we did just a random selection this month, and chose Diane Kazar from Monroe, NJ as this month's challenger! 

Congratulations Diane! We can't wait to see how you get inspired with the "I Still Love Snow" fabric! 

Monday, June 5, 2017

Let's Get Quilting - a Kim Diehl 6 pc. bundle giveaway

This Kim Diehl giveaway is sure to please fans everywhere, especially those who have participated in the Simple Whatnots Club events!   We are currently in the 6th collection of the Simple Whatnot's Club, so the question to answer on the blog is: Have you ever made a Simple Whatnot's Club Project?

We can't wait to see all the fans of this fun little club that quilt shops host.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Meet Jill Majers, the May Challenger for Desire to Inspire, who has presents of her own to give you!

Meet Desire to Inspire May Challenger, Jill Majers.

Hi, My name is Jill Majers. I live in a small town in central Utah. We moved here recently and have spent the last seven months trying to get settled. We’re getting there but it takes a while.

I have a wonderful family that includes my husband, two sons, a daughter, two
daughter-in-laws, and three grandchildren. We love the times when we can all get together and spend time enjoying everyone.

I grew up in an even smaller town about thirty miles from here and had a
wonderful childhood on a large farm complete with animals and room to roam
more freely than most children today. My Mom kept us busy with all sorts of
crafts. By the time I was twelve, I could sew, knit, crochet, embroidery, and
needlepoint. A memorable saying in our house was there is no such thing as
boredom, only lazy minds so get busy. 

As a young mother I sewed most of my children’s clothing, as well as a good portion of my own. In 1993 we moved to northwest Montana to an area that has a passion for quilting. I had always wanted to quilt and since my children were getting older and no longer wanting homemade clothing, it seemed that now was the perfect time. I took a beginning class and loved it.

I love the challenge quilting provides and especially enjoy designing quilts. I love piecing, applique both by hand and machine, and foundation piecing. I also love buying fabric!

My goal with these fabrics was to show what can be done with one panel. I
separated the panel into separate projects and had a wonderful time just creating with it. 

First I used the large center Santa and made a wall hanging. I included all of the other fabrics that I was supplied with in the project.

Then I used the gift box pieces and the large Christmas lights down each side to
make a table runner. I also included many of the other fabrics in this project.

Last I made two sets of potholders with matching hand towels. the first one again used the the large Christmas lights, on the sides of the panel, and the fabric with the all over small Christmas lights. The potholders are backed and bound with red snowflake fabric.

The second set is the only project that doesn’t include anything from the panel. I used the Santa face fabric, the black snowflake fabric and the green scattered Santa fabric.

All my projects were fun, fast, and pretty easy. I’ve included instructions if you
would like to try any or all of them.

Many thanks to Henry Glass for giving me this opportunity. The fabrics are a joy to work with! If you would like to see more of what I do, please visit my blog at:

I’m also on Instagram at @jill.majers.

And now, a Merry Christmas present to you from Jill: 

Jill has included a PDF of the instructions for all these projects here!